Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Special Day Today

Good Evening Ladies

Well it was rather a special day today as it was our Wedding Anniversary (our second), I woke up this morning to 2 wonderful bouquets of flowers and a card. My card to Rene was not ready and I told him he would have to wait until later, I think he thought I had forgotten, I hadn't but they seem to forget you have a lot more to do in a day than them!!!

I have taken some pictures of the flowers......

.... they are just so beautiful.

I did finish the card and presented it to him tonight with a lovely meal and he absolutely loved it, I will do another post on the blog as I want to enter it for a challenge as well - lol.

Well nothing changes - he's now playing on the xbox and I have been left with the washing up.

I will just leave you with one last picture....




  1. what a pretty picture...

    Thanks for joining in on the blog candy.. I will be watching for your sketch entry :) Have fun with it and good luck


  2. Aww how lovely and happy you both look x
    beautiful flowers my vases only get filled if i buy them! lol

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your flowers are beautiful! Hope you have a lovely evening. At least he remembered, you haven't changed a bit from your piccy. I have to remind David each year he always gets the day wrong, lol! Look forward to seeing you tom, take care Heidi xxx

  4. Your flowers are beatiful you lucky duck you. CONGRAT'S to you both