Saturday, 23 May 2009

I am so Pleased

My Little Superstar
Good Evening

I would just like to share with you that Grot has learnt today to ride his bike without stabilizers on the first attempt!!!!!

He had been pestering us to take his stabilizers off for about a week, so we took the boys this afternoon to the local green, Grot was moaning that he couldn't ride his bike on the grass. Littleman was with Daddy trying to fly a kite (trying being the operative word - NO WIND)!! So I lowered the seat on Littleman's bike, kitted Grot out in all the safety protection, got him on the bike (was then expecting a long afternoon of running behind him holding him up right, and wiping away the tears every time he fell off) No, not at all, pushed him off and away he went! We could not believe what we were seeing, we are sooo proud. He couldn't wait to get home to help his Daddy get the stabilizers off! Then proceeded to ride his bike until 7pm!

Needless to say he went to bed and we haven't heard a peep out of him!
Night All


  1. Well Done to Grot. Its brilliant when they do it. I remember Jake and the aching back I had but he was so determined to ride without the stabillisers. Good For Grot. Hope you go t a long lie this morning with him being tired out!

  2. Well done Grot would of loved to see his lil face!!!

  3. Oh Well done Grot! Georgia still hasn't mastered the art yet at 9, so that is great news! Have a great weekend with lots more cycling, lol! Hxx